Our Services

At Venuescape, we offer a full range of event management services that will be tailor made to meet your specific needs. Working together with you for your event is important to us. After all, no one knows your event better than you do. And we would like to believe no one knows event planning better than us.

We take care of the most important aspect of your event: Searching and securing the perfect Venue. We are the subject matter experts when it comes to venues in Kuala Lumpur! Log on to our website to access many different kinds of venues at http://www.venuescape.my

Choose any or the entire event planning services we have to offer, including:

-Venue Search Consultation

-Budgeting, contract negotiations, rental arrangements, security requirements

-Site selection, meeting space preparation, on-site management

-Travel and lodging arrangements, equipment and product transportation

-Block or hard-to-find event ticket acquisition

-Guest speakers, entertainment

-Photography and Videography

-Handling of off-site tours and overseas events

-Corporate hospitality and public relations

-Marketing and theming from menu planning through entertainment

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance regarding your event by filling up the form below:

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