Why are pre-wedding photo shoots important?


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Pre-wedding photo shoots as we know it can be very awkward and posed when both the bride-to-be and groom are stiff. Couples who are uncomfortable in front of the camera may opt to forgo having a photoshoot. Another factor that often hinders couples from doing a pre-wedding photo shoot is the cost. While it may be costly, here are 5 reasons why we at Venuescape think a pre-wedding photo shoot is essential.

Eliminate existing camera nerves

Let’s just get real and this issue needs to be dealt with before your wedding day. Take this as a trial run and make yourself comfortable in front of the camera. After all, it would be an absolute disaster to feel awkward on your wedding day with a camera following you around. This is a great opportunity to learn how to take directions from your photographer and also discover your best angles. If you were to have a pre-wedding photo shoot, you would feel at ease on your wedding day and this will be reflected in your photos.


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Ladies, take it as a trial run for dress fitting and hair & makeup

This goes out to brides who intend to do a formal photo shoot in their wedding dress. It is a good opportunity for brides to feel comfortable before the actual day. It would also be the perfect time to direct your hair and makeup artist how you’d like to look on your wedding day. Take this as an opportunity to discover what goes well with your wedding dress.

It can be used as a slideshow presentation at your reception

Before your grand walk in, wow your guest with your very own love story. It would set the mood of the evening as you choose the right music to go with the pictures. There’s also room for creativity as you can include voice-overs, chronological events, and other personalized touches to showcase your relationship to your guest.

Personalize touch to your wedding invitations

Choose one or two pictures from the shoot and use them as part of your invitation card. It gives a personalized touch to your invitation and a more welcoming vibe to your guest.


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You’d have beautiful pictures to choose from for wall art purposes

These pictures represent your new life together as a married couple and what better way to consolidate these memories by hanging pictures of it in your home. Be it on canvases or in photo frames, it would be a great decorative piece in a place both of you call home.

At the end of the day, a pre-wedding photo shoot is essentially an opportunity to capture great professional pictures with your partner regardless if it is a formal or casual shoot. Live in the moment and take this as a once in a lifetime thing that you should not miss out on!

If you require some suggestions, you may want to check out these photographers. If you’re having a hard time searching for the perfect venue, click here for some suggestions.

Should you require a helping hand in planning or executing your wedding, contact us today here or at 012-7273984 for a smooth process. We at Venuescape would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to all newly-weds!

Have a good one!


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